Sibling Support

For young children growing up is hard enough, especially where there is a sibling whose special needs require a great deal of time and attention.  Sometimes siblings feel alone and left out, as we have seen happen over the years at Any Baby Can. Because of this, we have a Sibling Support Group.

Our Objective

  • For each child to gain an understanding of different disabilities and chronic illnesses affecting their siblings.

  • For each child to see that they are not alone. Children learn that others have siblings with disabilities and this validates and supports their feelings and opinions.

  • To use art activities and book readings to help kids explore feelings they may experience, such as resentment, jealousy, guilt, anger happiness, loneliness, pride, love and embarrassment.

  • To help kids develop self-esteem and skills to solve problems they may have with peers, their siblings, or at school or home.

  • Most of all.. have fun!


Group Information

  • Groups are for children ages 6-14 years of age

  • The group meets on the 2nd Friday of every month from 6:30-8:30pm

  • Groups meet from September through July of every year at ABC San Antonio Location

  • All groups are led by a trained facilitator and volunteers

    Each facilitator is a licensed professional counselor, social worker or counseling intern. These facilitators are also given specific training on sibling issues and on disabilities. Volunteers also provide assistance and are selected and trained by the Any Baby Can staff.

Age Groups

Age groups may vary depending on group size and attendance.

  • Group 1 for ages 6-7

    Books, educational toys, and arts/crafts activities are used to teach children about disabilities.  Activities also teach children about feelings and the uniqueness of each child.

  • Group 2 for ages 8-10

    Books, educational toys, arts/crafts activities are used to teach children about disabilities.  Children also share advice and positive encouragement with their peers.  Activities used will also have a social skills component.

  • Group 3 for ages 11-14

    Books, educational information, and arts/crafts activities used to teach about disabilities and to allow the expression of their own feelings.  Kids share advice and positive encouragement with their peers.  The group also provides support on other stressful issues concerning pre-teens/teens including peer pressure, school pressure, and about their future goals.  Team building activities are used in this group.