Ready, Set, Learn!

All Blue Cat PIES products are structured teaching activities for the unique learner.  We have ready-made activities, and activities that can be printed or cut by the end user.

  • Each activity is correlated to the Texas Essential Knowledge of Skills (TEKS) to assist access to the general curriculum.
  • The activities are inviting, easy to use and visually motivating for all children.
  • The activities are a valuable resource for teachers, therapists, parents and can be used one-on-one, in learning centers or in group settings.
  • The activities are fun and inviting for students in special education and/or general education classrooms.
  • All activities are designed with original clip-art that are interesting and enjoyable for students.

Ready-Made Activities

In addition to everything mentioned above, the ready-made activities include the following:

  • The ready-made activity books are colorfully designed using interactive Velcro backed pieces.  Each book is laminated and coil-bound for easy use.  The activities are developed with the diverse learner in mind using visual strategies such as color coding and self-contained setups.
  • The activities are ready-to-use and provide time savings for the teacher who typical has to construct their own activities.
  • Blue Cat PIES ready-made teaching activities save you time and money!

Student Workbooks

Laminated books to set up your own activities using your own cards!  Each activity book contains laminated pages with loop Velcro that offers you a place to set up teaching activities. Cards sold separately.

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