What is Blue Cat PIES?

Blue Cat PIES is an education curriculum designed for children with unique learning abilities. Many families who have children with autism spectrum disorder find these products very useful. All products are structured teaching activities for the unique learner. We have ready-made activities, and activities that can be printed or cut by the user.

What’s with the name?

Numerous people ask where the name “Blue Cat PIES” came from. The blue cat is named “Billy” and was created by Elijah, a 9 year old boy with Asperger’s Syndrome who has a love for drawing. The term “PIES” in Blue Cat PIES is an acronym which stands for Providing Innovative Educational Strategies.

  Elijah’s drawing.

Of all the hundred of products out there, why Blue Cat PIES?

Unlike most educational products, the revenue generated by the sales of these products directly go back to the autism community. Blue Cat PIES helps fund Any Baby Can’s Autism Services Program; a support services for families that have a child or youth diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. All services are offered to families at no cost, thanks to your purchase. Click here to learn more about our Autism Services Program.

What are teacher saying about Blue Cat PIES?!

“These are great activities for students who can read, but can’t write.”
— Claudia Leon, High school teacher

“These activities would be great for kindergarten centers!”
— Elementary school teacher

“Having the units match the TEKS is extremely helpful.”
— Patricia Rosales, Elementary school teacher

“These activities are great for students that finish work early or who need some extra practice.”
—  Bonnie Taylor, Kindergarten teacher


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