Goals and Curriculum

The Two Main Goals of Any Body Can

The first goal of the Any Body Can program is to educate the family on living a healthy lifestyle. Any Body Can believes health and wellness is accomplished best as a team.

The second goal of Any Body Can is to provide an all inclusive environment. The best way to promote disability awareness is to be involved in the community by including a child with disabilities in team sports, dance teams, or  fitness classes.


Any Body Can Program

•The Any Body Can program is a three month program that is divided into four phases.

•The four phases include the Introduction or jumpstart phase, followed by the Exploration phase, followed by the Inclusion phase, and ends with the Self-training phase.

•The program also includes 8 weekly visits from an adaptive fitness specialist, 4 parent nutrition education classes, YMCA registration, wellness navigator/journal, Type 2 Diabetes prevention education, and bi-weekly group exercise classes.

 Any Body Can - balance


Program Qualifications

•Any Body Can offers free health and wellness lessons to residents of Bexar and Comal counties.

•The participant must be between the ages of 4-21 years of age.

•The participant must be diagnosed with a developmental disability.  See the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) for suggested qualifications.

•The participant must be a part of an education program. Examples include but not limited to public school, private school, and home school.

•Parents, feel free to call Any Baby Can for questions about qualifications for the Any Body Can program.


Any Body Can strives to create an all-inclusive environment by hosting several adapted sport-specific camps throughout the year for children 8-15 years old.

  • Learn basic sport skills for soccer, basketball, or baseball
  • Build social skills by working alongside peers to accomplish goals as a team
  • Realize just how fun physical activity can be
  • Take home goodie bags to help kick start a healthy lifestyle
  • Siblings welcomed

Upcoming Camps:

October 28, 2017 – Soccer Camp

9:00 am – 10:30 am
Lion’s Field – 2809 Broadway St San Antonio, TX 78209
RSVP: 210-547-3014

Any Body Can Staff Training

•The Any Body Can staff, Kinesiologists and Exercise Scientists, participate in several training programs to prepare them for working with children who have special needs.

•The staff receives a Continued Education Unit (CEU) training program. The program is designed to help educators work with children with different disabilities and how to use helpful teaching strategies for each unique need.

•The staff also receives Adaptive Physical Education training for the Any Body Can program.

•The staff is well trained to complete fitness assessments to provide accurate readings in body composition, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular endurance, and muscular strength.

•The staff receives on site training to learn about the individual needs of each client.

•Any Body Can holds weekly staff meetings to review recent research, techniques, or advice that may help the program perform better with clients.

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