Additional Autism Services & Events

Any Baby Can is here to help. Alongside parent training classes and counseling, additional resources such as toilet training and informational classes are available to families raising an individual with autism. If you would like more information about any of these services below please feel free to contact us!

Autism Services Safety Training

Parents and caregivers of children with autism are invited to this class to learn important information of safety in their home and community.

Toilet Training/Personal Hygiene

Toileting skills are a critical life skill for every child on the Autism spectrum. It removes barriers in the community for both the child and the family. It reduces the financial burden for the family and it helps develop independent functioning. When a child is toilet trained there are increased opportunities for interaction with their peers in a wider range of activities in which they may participate

The toilet training class is a 2 session course that teaches parents strategies on developing and implementing a toilet training program for their child, including:
– How to take important data and implement an individualized toileting program
– How to prepare for the toilet training process
– Parents receive a toileting toolkit with visual supports, sensory materials, possible reinforcers and data collection forms
– Follow-up support is available for parents who have completed the training

Parent Social Night

Parents and caretakers of children with autism can easily become stressed and overwhelmed having little time for themselves. Any Baby Can offers a once a month Parent Social Night for mom’s and dad’s of children with autism. The group meets the first Friday of every month and a different activity is planned each time. The group has had fun playing Bunco, making mini scrapbooks, taking zumba classes and having beauty make-up night – just to name a few! The moms bring potluck dinner items and share their favorite recipes.

There is one rule for the night of fun: Talking about kids and autism is not allowed! Moms and Dads worry about their children 24 hours a day – 365 days a year and Parent’s Night Out gives parents two hours of “me” time to rejuvenate.

The Birthday Social

During many counseling sessions provided by our Autism Services Program, parents expressed their sadness regarding their child with autism never being invited to attend birthday parties from their school or neighborhood peers while at the same time these parents expressed that their child had no friends to invite to their own birthday party.

Because every child should have a birthday celebration with their peers, Any Baby Can’s Autism Services program holds quarterly birthday parties for our famiies that have gone through our Autism Services program. Its purpose is to provide children whose birthday occurs during the annual quarter a special day to celebrate their birthday with other children who have birthdays in the same quarter.


Sensory issues go hand and hand with children with autism.  Haircuts can be a huge challenge for these children and their families.  Please call Any Baby Can for support (210) 547-3003 or any Rios Golden Cut Salons location. Rios Golden Cut Salons stylists’ have received training and picture books from Any Baby Can to help create a positive haircutting experience.